Shopping for…a new car!

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So much goes into finding the right car…now, when you add fitting 3 car seats, that’s a whole different ball game! I want something stylish, yet functional, and so far it has been very tough to find. A minivan is most certainly not an option – despite how many praises its owners sing. After many weekends of test driving and looking around, I’ve come to realize that, like many important decisions in life, it is just both a comprise and a gamble. At the end of the day, I won’t really know how well the car will function until the third baby arrives in a couple of months. It will take some playing around with car seat configurations and I will definitely need to replace my current ones with more streamlined and compact options. Well, I’ve made a move and placed an order! Let’s hope when the car arrives and when we welcome the next little one, it was the right one! Stay tuned…

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