Poolside Chic

balenciaga sunglasses

After busy days in NYC, there is nothing like a relaxing end to the weekend, lounging by the pool. On this stormy afternoon, I find myself reminiscing of the breeze in my wavy hair, sunkissed glow and refreshing drinks….

I actually don’t do much with my hair in the summer – aside from loading up on the anti-frizz products. It is naturally super curly, so I smooth it over with a blowdrier for softer beachy waves, pile on the styling balms and voila!

Skinwise I am a stickler for sunscreen, especially with my fair skin. I alternate between Neutrogena, Skinceuticals and Colorescience.

I’m wearing an embellished beaded tunic I got while on a trip to the Bahamas, Balenciaga sunglasses and white Becca bikini.

summer hairstyles

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